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Winter in Vegas

I have been meaning to put together this photo blog for a while now. It kept taking a back seat while other work items needed to be ticked off. Whew, it has been a busy month for sure!

Wanting to escape the wet winter season in Seattle for a few days, we made an impromptu decision to join some friends visiting Vegas during the holidays in December. Temperatures hovering around mid 50s, the days were beautifully bright and sunny and the chilly nights lived up to Vegas' reputation of being glammed up in colorful lights. Hotel interiors were wonderfully decorated for the season; all that festivity bound to set the visitors in the complete holiday mood, even to hum a carol or two! Interestingly, sin city was quite packed at the time and was not as quiet as we were expecting it to be.

Here are some snaps we took of things we found fascinating during our short stay. From cityscape, to food, to entertainment, to decorations, the city did not disappoint. The pictures below were taken to capture some of that essence. Enjoy! :)

- Farzana