czech republic

A week in Prague

I know it's been a long time! Sorry I've been MIA here. Between running Limewall and running after a toddler, life is on a constant sprint. There, that makes a good resolution for next year- keep posting here and stay connected :)

So talking about Prague or as they call it- the city of a hundred spires, we made a quick plan to visit this summer right after my bambino turned one.  We were initially thinking about covering a number of cities in Central and Eastern Europe. But eventually settled on just Prague as this charming, historical city had so much to offer even one week seemed too short of a time. And secondly minimizing flights with a teething baby felt like the logical thing to do if our vacation was to maintain its "relaxing" status quo :)

We stayed in the heart of old town and I am so glad we chose that location as a lot of the attractions we wanted to check out were walking distance. Nothing like the Old Town Square to soak in the rich history, architecture, culture and vibe of this absolutely stunning city which remained unscathed during WWII. Our one week of trying to experience the bustling city like a Praguer magically took us back in time and at the same time fascinated us with its modern splendor. Horse drawn carriage ride and vintage car tour are great ways to explore the city and to add on to your imagination :) Some of my favorite things to see were- Astronomical Clock (oldest operating), Old Town Hall Tower (stunning view of the square and surroundings from up top), Tyn Church (looks spectacular from every angle day or night), St Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Prague Jewish Town (resting place of mythical creature Golem!), Statue of Kafka and Český Krumlov Castle. With Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture, Prague simply put is a feast for your eyes. No trips are complete without mention of the food, right? Prague boasts a vibrant, soulful local cuisine. Worth mentioning here is their beef goulash which is rich and packed with flavors. For the chicken lovers, breaded chicken or chicken cutlet is a popular choice on their menus. The bakeries and cafes have a warm inviting atmosphere and serve a variety of pretty amazing savory and sweet options. If you are a fresh fruit juice junkie like me, you are in the right city for it. You will get it almost everywhere. Here are some captures highlighting the trip. All the food talk kind of got me hungry…Čau!