Gallery Wall: Tell your story

A gallery wall is a great way to add character to your space or to set the mood you have in mind for it. I recently completed my dining space gallery wall. I used a bold graphic pattern in black and white for wallpaper and wanted to stick to the same color palette for the art work as well. The frames are all in white to contrast with the base black of the wallpaper. I chose clean contemporary styled frames to make them pop against the backdrop of the loud pattern. Given a solid colored wall I would have played around with a combination of classic, distressed and modern frames to bring in some texture. The photographs are from our Passenger collection narrating stories from different corners of the world. The idea here is to instigate conversation, get different perspectives/interpretations for the captures from our friends and family. To make a personal statement with your gallery wall you can mix and match fine art photography, calligraphy, paintings, sketches, drawings, mirrors, etc. and let the collection document who you are as a person from your interests, travels and experiences in life. There is no formula really for a perfect layout. You can try out a couple of setups on the floor and get a feel of what works best for the vision you have for your space. I started with a focal point in the middle of the wall at my eye level and expanded from there both ways. I intend to move around pieces and change layout in the future as my gallery grows. Hence I used velcro picture hangers upon suggestion by my friend Mustafa.

I had tons of fun working on this project and can't wait to start on my next gallery wall! :)

What are some of your thoughts and ideas for creating a gallery wall?